The title of the PARE Conference 2024 is “Authentically. Equally.”

Authentically. Equally.

Being authentic and equal- is this a just a wishful dream or a real journey that both the society and organizations are on their way towards? The choice is actually in our own hands. We all want to live in a fair and inclusive society where every person can fully develop their potential and lead a dignified life, without fear of discrimination or inequality. In a society where everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of your background, beliefs, religion, skin color, age to name but a few.

At the PARE Conference, we will focus on leadership through the lens of equality and honesty and explore how leadership practices can impact the success of organizations and the engagement of employees.

  • With the PARE Conference we always want to bring not only the best but also international practices to our audience. This is why nearly half of the presenters are usually from outside Estonia and this year will be no exception.
  • We will provide real life stories of experience, results of studies, panel discussion to dig into the debate of the impact of leadership on equality, and endless opportunities to network and exchange experiences with your peers from other organizations.

The PARE Conference is a fresh and inspiring meeting place for everyone interested in people leadership, personal development, and a better future for organizational cultures.

See you on April 4, 2024, at Viimsi Artium!

Conference program

08:45 - 09:30
Welcome to the PARE Conference!

Registration, morning coffee, and networking with colleagues.

09:30 - 09:45
Welcome by the host!
Gunnar Toomemets   Lexus Tallinn CEO

Gunnar has worked in the banking industry for a couple of decades. He recently made a career change and has been working in the automotive industry for a few years.

In addition, he is actively involved in mentoring, acting as a mentor himself, training new mentors, and contributing to the ...

09:40 - 09:45
EAPM President's Greetings
Berna Öztınaz   President of the European Association for Personnel Management

Berna is the first female president of EAPM and the Director of HR for Genel Energy Plc, based in London, which is one of the largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies. She is the international representative of PERYÖN, the Turkish Human Resources Association, where ...

09:45 - 10:15
Leading technology = Leading people
Sirli Männiksaar   The CEO of Ericsson Estonia

In her presentation, Sirli provides intriguing insights into her diverse and international leadership experience. She highlights challenges, achievements, lessons learned, and thoughts on leadership in the technology sector. In addition, Sirli offers recommendations on how to encourage engineers ...

10:15 - 10:45
Redefining Leadership: Embracing Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Diversity
Ruben Brunsveld   Multicultural leader

Ruben is a Colombian-born-Indonesian-bred-Dutchman-with-a-Swedish-passport. In this talk he will share his own personal and professional journey which has taken him from international diplomacy to leadership training and now working for a global sustainability organisation. He will speak about ...

10:45 - 11:10
Is there a female leadership style?
Anna Cau   Chief People Officer at Telenor Sweden

Anna Cau is the Chief Peoples Officer at Telenor, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Sweden. She has led HR teams in several world-changing corporations, such as Ericsson and H&M, and has always advocated for equal opportunities for all employees within organizations. In her ...

11:10 - 11:40
Energizing break
11:40 - 12:05
10 things to do to get more women into leadership roles
Jenny Claesson   Owner of Add Gender and gender diversity expert

This inspirational talk will give you practical insights into how to transform organizational culture to promote more women in top leadership positions. We need to address all the positive outcomes that come with gender balance in organizations and there is much research supporting this! Gender ...

12:05 - 12:20
You can't promote a woman to a top leadership position, because who will then do the middle management work?
Raili Marling   Professor at the University of Tartu and head of the research group of the University of Tartu POWER project

Professor Raili Marling discusses, based on the recent study by the Praxis Mõttekoda and the University of Tartu, why there is still a lack of female top executives in Estonia, how women and men can become leaders in Estonia, and the role organizations play in creating a culture that supports ...

12:20 - 12:55
Panel discussion: Why are there still more men than women among top executives?
Raili Marling   Head of Germanic and Romance Languages and Literatures Department and Professor of English at University of Tartu
Mari-Liis Sepper   Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Programme Manager at Think Tank Praxis
Toms Auskaps   Head of Communications and Strategic Development at Balticovo
Anna Cau   Chief People Officer at Telenor Sweden
Gunnar Toomemets   Lexus Tallinn CEO

Panel discussion addressing the gender disparity among top executives: Why are there still more men than women among top executives?

Questions that will be considered: Why do men continue to outnumber women in these high-ranking positions? What benefits come from having an equal number of ...

12:55 - 14:10
Lunch break
14:10 - 14:45
The journey from being a top performer in Estonia to becoming the most environmentally sustainable company in the world
Veiko Veskimäe   Verston CEO and Best Leader 2023
Estel Pukk   Verston's HR Director and Most Influential HR Director 2022

Estonia’s top leader, Veiko Veskimäe, invited one the most influential HR leaders in Estonia, Estel Pukk, to join his team in developing Verston into the world’s most environmentally sustainable infrastructure company. Humaneness, openness, and inclusivity have been the company’s core ...

14:45 - 15:15
Artificial intelligence - a paradigm shift in the human - machine alignment
Elin Hauge   Key note speaker, Artificial Intelligence Strategist, and Mentor

Artificial intelligence is probably the most disruptive technological development in human history. With chat-GPT the powers of AI came even closer to our everyday lives and jobs. The opportunities and challenges are apparently equally abundant. In this talk, we will move beyond the current hype ...

15:15 - 15:50
How to be better than your leader?
Vahur Karus   Brigadier General of the Defense Forces

At the strategic level of leadership, there are no winners, only leaders, followers, and losers. The situation is constantly changing, and to gain an advantage, one must do things better, more efficiently, or more cost-effectively. To achieve or maintain a leading role, a leader must develop ...

15:50 - 16:25
Coffee break
16:25 - 17:00
AI Transformation: A Cultural and Communication Odyssey
Chris Robbins   Chief Client Officer at and Creative Dock, former CEO of Tele2 Estonia

In this practical and timely session, Chris delves into the currently misunderstood realm of AI transformation. While the technological aspects of AI are frequently highlighted, Chris emphasizes that the true challenge lies in culture, people, strategy and communication. Adopting and aligning ...

17:00 - 17:45
Tricky Times – navigating the messy middle of change
Jitske Kramer   Corporate anthropologist, Speaker, Autor, Trainer

During a period of transition, we have to let go of what is familiar without knowing exactly what the future holds. This is a confusing betwixt-and-between time, when things are neither what they were, nor what they will become. Anthropologists call such messy between-times liminality. Jitske ...

17:45 - 18:00
Conference wrap up

Feedback from participants

Every speaker provided inspiration

An EXCELLENT experience once again

I really liked the conference as a whole. It was definitely worthy of an anniversary conference, and all the speakers were truly excellent. With PARE, there’s certainly a ‘Brighter Tomorrow’ :)

Powerful conference and unforgettable impressions!

The conference as a whole was eye-opening and refreshing. The artistic program was delightful, and the conference, in general, was well-balanced.

Dynamic, interesting, outstanding speakers!

An exceptionally strong and well-balanced conference

I participated in the conference, and I have nothing but praise for both the organizers and the speakers. This, in my eyes, continues to be the best leadership-oriented conference

The content of the conference was very good.


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